An eight-man patrol of mixed units, led by Captain Killick of the 89th Field Security Section, edging westwards from the bridge in an attempt to locate the 1st Para Brigade moving into Arnhem. In the event the patrol made little ground before they realised they were in danger of being cut off and so withdrew to the bridge, having suffered no casualties and collected several stragglers and a prisoner (seen standing in the centre). They reported that there were no sounds of battle to the west of Arnhem and so it was correctly assumed that the 1st and 3rd Battalions were some distance away. Captain Killick can be seen partially obscured on the extreme left. Standing beside him with the butt of his rifle resting on the ground is Private Bernard Salt, and in the foreground, third from the right carrying a Sten gun, is Sergeant Larry Ansell, both men are of No.6 Platoon, B Company, the 2nd Battalion. Copyright: Sam Presser / Maria Austria Instituut.