The Reports section is for detailed accounts, connected with any aspect of the Battle of Arnhem, that by their in-depth nature cannot be easily accommodated on any other part of the site. Some of these reports I shall write myself, but contributions from external sources are most welcome. Send me an email if you wish to contribute -


Official Records

Official Letters

Official comments and letters sent to and from the 1st Airborne Division in the aftermath of Operation Market Garden.


Operation Pegasus: Evasion Report

Major Tatham-Warter's account of Operation Pegasus; the evacuation of 137 evaders across the Rhine on the 22nd October 1944.




Blackjacks at War: WWII & the 53rd Troop Carrier Squadron by Major Steven C. Franklin, USAF

The history of the Squadron which, as part of the 52nd Troop Carrier Group, carried British paratroopers to Arnhem in September 1944.


The Dutch Resistance During Operation Market Garden by Stewart W. Bentley

An overview of the structure of the Dutch Resistance movement and its various factions, detailing their organisation at the time of Market Garden, their planned involvement in the Operation, and contrasting the ability of 1st British Airborne and the US 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions to harness their resources.


Jews at the Battle of Arnhem, Sept. 1944 by Martin Sugarman BA

A study of the known 207 Jewish participants in the Battle, listing those who were killed, wounded, captured, or escaped, and where possible giving information about each individual.


Six of our Jewish Glider Pilots: Last Voices of our Eagles who Landed by Martin Sugarman BA

The stories of six Jewish glider pilots at Arnhem.


The Storm Boat Kings by John Sliz

An account of the activities of the 20th and 23rd Field Companies, Royal Canadian Engineers, during the withdrawal of the 1st Airborne Division on the 25th/26th September 1944.