The majority of "X" Troop in P.G. 78, Sulmona. Copyright: H. Pexton.


Back row, left to right: Lance-Corporal Jim Maher, Sergeant John Walker, Sergeant H. Meddins (RAF, Aircraft S), Lance-Corporal Doug Jones, Corporal Philip Julian, Lance-Corporal Harry Tomlin, Sapper Glyn Prior, Lance-Corporal Harry Pexton, Sapper David Struthers, Corporal Emil Grice, Sergeants Arthur Lawley, Southern (RAF, not involved in Colossus), Lance-Corporal Douglas Henderson.


Middle row: Sapper "Jock" Davidson, Trooper James / Sapper Alf Parker, Lance-Corporal Robert Watson, Sapper Alan Ross, unknown RAF (not involved in Colossus), Sergeants Edward Durie, Percy Clements, Trooper Albert Samuels, Sapper Owen Phillips, Trooper Ernest Humphreys.


Front row: Sergeant George Shutt, Corporal Peter O'Brien, Sergeant E. Hodges (RAF, Aircraft S), B. Albon (RAF, Aircraft S), Trooper Nicola Nastri, Corporal "Derry" Fletcher, Trooper James / Sapper Alf Parker.