2nd Lieutenant A.G. Jowett

2nd Lieutenant Arthur Geoffrey Jowett


Unit : X Troop, 11th Special Air Service Battalion

Army No. : P/130598

Awards : Military Cross


Captured in Southern Italy on 12 February 1941, Lieutenant Jowett was subsequently imprisoned in various camps in Italy and Germany.


Whilst at P.G. 78 (Sulmona) he took part in two tunnel digging operations, but both were discovered before completion.


In November 1941 he succeeded in getting out of the Camp and made for the Swiss frontier, but was recaptured a few hours later.


Transferred to P.G. 17 which was an old convent, Lieutenant Jowett and two companions attempted to get into those quarters still occupied by Nuns and so escape. They succeeded in entering an attic directly above the Nuns quarters, but were discovered by guards and put in cells.


Transferred to Germany, he assisted in digging a tunnel from Oflag VIIIF, but he was moved to Stalag Luft III (Sagan) before it was completed.


Whilst in Italy between June 1941 and September 1943, Lieutenant Jowett on many occasions passed valuable information to the War Office by secret means.


He was liberated by Allied forces in May 1945.


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