Captain Gerrard Francis Kirkpatrick Daly


Unit : Royal Engineers, attached to X Troop, 11th Special Air Service Battalion

Army No. : 69066

Awards : Mentioned in Despatches


Captain Daly was captured in Italy near Salerno on 13 February 1941.


On 15 February, Captain Daly broke out of the Carabinieri Barracks in Naples, the place being very badly guarded. He was caught, however, the following morning by Italian Police when trying to board a train.


With two companions, he escaped from Padua camp by walking out through a deserted part of the building. The three men were arrested the next night by a road patrol.


In June 1943 at Gavi, Captain Daly and nine other Prisoners of War tunnelled through a disused water system discovered by them underneath the castle. The outer wall of the castle was scaled by means of a rope which broke, however, before all the men were able to get away. The guard was aroused and all the escapers were rounded up.


Captain Daly was liberated near Mulhausen on 10 March 1945 by the U.S. Army.


In addition to attempting to escape, Captain Daly sent valuable information to the War Office by secret means over a period of three years.


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