Lance-Corporal D. Harry Boulter


Unit : North Staffordshire Regiment, attached to X Troop, 11th Special Air Service Battalion

Army No. : 5047114

Awards : Military Medal


Boulter was captured in the vicinity of Naples on 10 February 1941, after fracturing his ankle when being landed for sabotage work. He was sent via Sulmona, Vetralla and Rome to Fara Nel Sabina (Camp 54). During his imprisonment he was in secret communication with the War Office. Whilst at Sulmona he participated in an unsuccessful tunnel scheme; on two other occasions he made plans for escape, but both were frustrated by camp restrictions imposed at the last moment.


When Fara Nel Sabina was evacuated on 11 September 1943 under the direction of the Senior British Officer, Boulter stayed in the vicinity for a month. In an attempt to reach Allied hands he travelled to Carsoli before discouraging reports deterred him from proceeding further. Because of Fascist activity he moved to Canneto where, on 9 January 1944, he was recaptured and sent back to Fara Nel Sabina. En route for Germany on 26 January the train was bombed in the vicinity of Orvieto and, although the guards had removed all the prisoners of war boots, Boulter braved their fire and escaped. After reaching Canneto, he and two other escapers were arrested by the Germans. Later, left with one guard only, they overpowered him, seized his rifle and returned to Toffia. They persuaded the Italians that the Germans had gone and, after obtaining rifles and ammunition, led a party of 12 Italians which ambushed a German Staff Car. Although the officer got away, they secured all his documents and handed them to advancing Allied troops on 10 June 1944.


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