Major Trevor Allan Gordon Pritchard

Major Trevor Allan Gordon Pritchard


Unit : Royal Welch Fusiliers, attached to X Troop, 11th Special Air Service Battalion

Army No. : 49939

Awards : Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Distinguished Service Order


The following is Pritchard's citation for the Distinguished Service Order:


Major Pritchard commanded the expedition of paratroops which landed in Italy on the 10th February, 1941. He organised the expedition and trained the personnel, who reached a high standard of efficiency. The success of the operation, as a result of which the aqueduct to Brindisi was blown up, the bankseats and one column destroyed, and the town cut off for ten days, was due to his leadership and inspiration. Major Pritchard had a reasonable chance to escape if arrangements had gone according to plan. The fact that they did not and that he was captured, was due to no error of judgment on his part.


The following is the citation for the MBE:


Major Pritchard was captured in South Italy on 12 February 1941 and after several months' imprisonment at Sulmona he was sent to San Romano (near Pisa). Appointed Senior British Officer, he led an unsuccessful escape attempt to break out through an adjoining church.


In June 1942 he was sent to Gavi, and even though this old fortress was reputed to be escape proof, Major Pritchard did everything in his power to foster escape activities. After the Italian capitulation when the Germans were evacuating all prisoners from Gavi, Major Pritchard hid, only to be discovered and transferred with his companions to Germany.


Throughout his captivity Major Pritchard sent important information to the War Office by secret means, and after reaching Stalag Luft I in January 1944 he completely reorganised this side of the Intelligence work, with excellent results.


The Senior British Officer who praised him highly for this work, also commended Major Pritchard for his valuable contribution to the building up of the camp morale through his keen interest in sport and P.T. Major Pritchard made his presence felt in every camp to which he was sent, and no less than 8 officers have praised his Escape Committee work and a further 7 his Intelligence activities.


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